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Be our new Witchdoll on Instagram #RogueAndWolf
  • Stunning,  just amazing! 
The beautiful braid belongs to lil' fairy @mariaamanda_official ♥
  • This ring is so fabulous, I'm in love
  • Sweet kitten @pizzaandboobs looking cute as ever with her #rogueandwolf black kitty ring on! ♥
  • I thought I lost my ring yesterday, but it was safe and sound in my apron where I put it
  • The incredible @luanna90 rocking some #rogueandwolf #rings! My god!!!
  • Cutest doll on earth @merorororin with 'Betray' #midiring in matte black ♥
  • Phhh crazy!!
  • Beatriz you're such a doll! ♥♥♥
Beautiful babe @beatrizmarianophotography killing lots of #rogueandwolf bling! 
Bison skull&bones ring ➕ 'Entrap' #fullfingerring ➕ 'Betray' #midiring all in 'Old Steel' finish
  • 'Blossom' & 'Avenge' in ▫old steel▫ finish on the beautiful hands of lil'pixie @mariaamanda_official
  • Lovin how @chevornleamason stacked the 'Queen of Hearts' with 'Rule' #rings together to create this cool look! ❤
  • Loving this shot by @wlwbianca with her fave jewels including our #catskull necklace in white! ♥⚪ Get your kitty here ♥
  • Those eyes and this perfect "lil' witch" look. ..!
  • In #love
  • Morning all!
  • #therogueandthewolf から指輪。
  • Makeup and @rogueandwolf
  • Pretty @rogueandwolf rings have my fingers feeling like Sailor Moon
  • Cannot wait for my new @rogueandwolf jewellery to arrive!
  • So cute!! #rings from our previous Fair|Feral collection & our popular lil'bag when arrived at amazing @okidokiokami ❤✌
  • My @rogueandwolf necklace and midi ring came today!! I whacked a black tip on my nails for uber effect. I love them <3 thank you!!! #rogueandwolf #hunt #midi #ring #necklace #occult #crescentmoon
  • Love love love this ring! #rogueandwolf #hunt #ring #midiring #3Dprinted #amazing #nailart #blacknails #claws #talons #naturalnails
  • Some of my favourite @rogueandwolf pieces.
  • I want more, and more, and more. :) ♥ @bloodymarymetal @rogueandwolf
  • | fave ring combo at the moment!

@rogueandwolf antler midi
@druzydreams poison box
@theinfinitine moon & star
@annalouoflondon monogrammed bracelet
@pylousa bell bottoms
  • All black everything ♡ #rogueandwolf #limecrime #occult #rune #moonrise #moonchild #goth #wiccan #obsidian #jewelry #dream #conquer #blackvelvet  #blacklipstick @rogueandwolf @limecrimemakeup
  • 愛しています ❤️。Goodnight world
  • Wow! totally crushing over super gorgeous suicide girl @dametualma rocking rings from our 'The Witch's Hawk' latest collection. ..!
  • Feeling rather witchy today with my black cherry lipstick, messy hair, dark clothes and my rogue and wolf jewellery
  • Have a nice day people
  • A second selfie for you all today because of witchy vanity. If any of you are interested in the jewellery I'm wearing, I've got a blog post coming up on it on the 1st of October
  • Flipping it never looked so cute! !!
  • Hitting the lowest of points #selfie #tats #tattoos #alternative #blackhair #brownhair #piercings #pierced #girl #goth #emo #scene #creepy #dark #grunge #witch #witchcraft #plugs #bmth #art #bodymods #alternativegirl #tattooedgirl #woodland #rogueandwolf
  • New nails
  • Damn.. This is awesome! ! ♥
  • Witchn’ jewelry that all the sickest witches wear!♥☀♥
  • Feeling very girly today.
  • #rogue #wolf #therogueandthewolf @rogueandwolf awesome rings and necklace, thanks alot you made my day!
  • This style is so rad! ♥
  • Completely obsessed with statement jewellery! Thank you @rogueandwolf
  • How cool is that? !!
  • Bisons, bisons...hell yeah bisons baby!! ♥✌
@sagogulina showing off her cool collection & love for bisons!
  • Wearing my new rainbow tattoo choker with me gorgeous @rogueandwolf necklaces and rings
  • Unlisted selfie from before work today. I love this dress it is so comfy and awesome. Goodnight world
  • Rogue and wolf stuff came and it's honestly too pretty for words...got my wrong ring size though so now I gotta exchange for a size 6....
  • Wow!! This is far & beyond amazing! !♥☀
  • Test run on these
  • We love seeing how you style your #rogueandwolf witches! ♥
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About The Rogue + The Wolf

What We Do

The Rogue + The Wolf create 3D printed jewellery and taxidermy for avant-garde fashion lovers and those that stand out from the crowd. We combine geeky technical excellence with ultramodern fashion sense to bring fresh, exciting, and innovative design.

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Who We Are

  • Eloise H.R photo

    Eloise H.R

    Co-founder and Designer

    The creative powerhouse behind the brand, Eloise is a witch when it comes to creating. Her background in art and architecture allows her to create any conceivable form she imagines. Eloise’s unexpected design choices mix magically with her exquisite trend predicting insights to create unique designs for supercool gals and guys that stand out.

  • Michael W. photo

    Michael W.

    Co-founder and Technical Designer

    The technical wizard of the brand, Michael’s artistry is in seeing through the magic fabric of 3D printing. He plays with the lasers and the numbers until each concept and design becomes reality.