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Eclipse Appreciation Society

Posted on December 09 2016

Our most loved design 'Eclipse' has been around for a while now, since 'The Witch's Hawk' in 2014. You guys are still loving it's simple beauty that can add a subtle but powerful witchy twist to any outfit! Recently though, we've noticed our black crescent popping up in some pretty creative places...

It's not just a necklace, the possibilities are endless!

These beauties have opted for a bold head piece to guide them during rituals. Beautiful witch @lailasassi95 pairs her Eclipse with her amazing hair and more R+W rings, whilst @adrianamars_ 's little prince is keeping it simple. We think he looks very handsome, though he doesn't seem totally won over by his new crown...

We cannot get enough of the beautiful and dark work of @abigail_larson. She creates her images using pencil, paint and Photoshop. She creates a variety of stunning, creepy pieces and we love every single one! Her characters and creatures also are often covered in amazing recreations of our jewels, and this witch looks ready to cast some spells in her 'Eclipse' and 'Chronos' necklaces. 

Witch doll @snuffdigital accessorises to the max, and uses her Eclipse as an extension of her rings!  Matte black goodness and fierce black claws are a winning combo for us any day. We've seen lots of you beauts wearing it as a bracelet, and we really love how it looks!

So, little witch doll @aravahr has taken her love of Eclipse to the next level. We are so honoured to be the inspiration behind this gorgeous ink, we are so in love with it! Such a subtle and beautiful way to express your inner witch. Moon doll #goals right?! Do you have an enviable witchy tattoo we should know about?
And finally, we thought we'd have a little fun of our own and play around with the design to create our brand new 'Eclipse Cuff'! Now you can cover yourself in moons that match! Wear it with the necklace to create a bold moon goddess look, or alone for a more subtle guiding moon that will sit peacefully by your side. 

Want to show us how you like to style your Rogue + Wolf, or got a badass witchin' outfit we just need to see? Don't forget to #rogueandwolf when you post so we can check out you pics! Also, don't miss out on our sale! Head to the shop get in on the magic!
Have a wonderful week witches! Hannah x


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