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Polyvore Looks

Posted on October 26 2015

We're having a Halloween take over at the R+W and are going all out with inspo to get your potential outfits flowing. Here's four spooky, easy to put together looks we've done over the past week that might just make it a fright night. 

'Devil at Night' is a super fun and quirky look to show off your devilish side. Why not dare to scare with some red contacts and go a lil all out! A simple red dress will do, paired up with a pitchfork and devil horns. Not forgetting the latest goodies from our LUNAE collection. Our second creation is based on the fiercest bae, Maleficent! Geared up with 'Rule', 'Lupus' and 'Rhea' gems to make sure your own that look. 

If your feeling something a lil different this Halloween why not sport Awaken Raven, inspired by one of our own pieces 'Moonchaser'! If wings aren't so easy to find simply pair a black cut out dress with a feathered jacket and rock our rings! Top your enchanting look with a dark and glittery eye and some matte black nails for an intensifying look! If you love a lotta blood, what better to dress as than a Zombie Bride?! If you find an old unworn fancy dress hiding in the back of your closet and dirty it up with some fake blood you'll be good to get freaky with it on the dance floor. Some fake or withered flowers and our 'Old Steel' trinkets will make you a bride not to be forgotten.

We hope you've got inspired by our creepy looks today! If there's something you had in mind for an outfit give us a comment and we'll make it our ghoul to give you scary styles for this Saturday! Keep it witchy dolls! Sophie ♥


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