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Can I add things to my order after I placed it?

Can I cancel my order?

I need a very specific ring size, can you make it happen?

Can I have this design in another material or finish?

Can you substitute a gem for me?


My payment won’t get through, WTF?!

How can I use my Spell Points?

How do I use my coupon?

Your items are on sale with a reduced price, can I also use a coupon?

My bank charged me more than it says in the invoice you sent to me. Was I overcharged WTF!?

I want to order a gazillion pieces, can I get a discount?!?


What shipping options do you offer?

Do you ship to my country?

Where can I track my order?

I can't wait to get my jewellery, why isn't my order shipped?

Will you pay for any custom fees?

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Can I exchange my rings a size up or down?

Can I get a refund for my return?


Can I shop at a The Rogue + The Wolf store in person and try stuff on?

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What is the material the black items are made of?

Can my jewellery wear off?

How can I take care of my black/steel items?

How to prevent my skin from staining when wearing steel rings?

My ring broke, can anything be done about it?

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I'm a blogger and I want to work with you. What can I do?

OMG, I wanna model for The Rogue + The Wolf! Can I?

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