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Vegan Goth Grub 🍩

Posted on December 13 2016

Of course our favourite colour is the awesome BLACK, especially in the form of gothic jewels! How about in the form of food? Impossible right?


These kitchen wizards have made all our vegan wishes come true! 



This bewitching bowl is a 'Raw Vegan MOONLESS Hummus with Raw Brazil Nuts + Sage'. Sounds great right?! Check out the recipe by entrepreneur and all rounder Adaora O. aka “Goth In The Raw”


As if these Galactic Donuts didn't have our eyes popping out of our skulls these Galaxy Pops are also VEGAN! A mixture of soaked cashews, coconut butter, vanilla, rice malt syrup & vegan friendly food dye! All by the inspiring vegan queen Sam @sobeautifullyreal.


Now on to the main course! Check out these 'Purple Taquitos' (left) made by the vegan flavour sensations at @seabirdskitchen. I mean if almond feta and chipotle doesn't have your taste buds tingling I don't know what will! 

We thought sushi (right) couldn't get any better but... ITS BLACK! We are obsessed and you can make it yourself thanks to the wondrous @mariamarlowe.



For the grand finale we have this epic vegan shake! @blacktapnyc collab'd with @eatbychloe to bring you the ultimate coco-NUTS vegan shake! Now we are seriously going crazy!  


 Let us know in the comments if you've tried any of these bad boys or your own vegan treats! 

I hope you enjoyed this vegan goth grub journey as much as we did! 

Have a great Christmas Coven! 

❤️ Much Love ❤️ Lexi ❤️ 


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