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NEW enchanted Eclipse Designs just landed!

Posted on February 01 2017

Your witchy prayers have finally been answered.
The goth gods have brought you the heavenly 'Eclipse' in delicate earrings and a slayin' choker!

With the Sun and Moon hiding from each other.

Runes capture the last light.

Sun, Moon, stars, strength.

Here at R+W HQ we heard your heart's desires and stirred up our mystical cauldron to bring you the brand new 'Eclipse Choker + Earrings'!
Now you can cover yourself in moons that match! 
Wear them and create the ultimate Moon Goddess look.
Have you checked out our 'Eclipse Cuff' too?
Our most loved design is now in a cuff!
We know, it's everything your little witchy hearts have desired! 

Check this sultry witch slayin' her 'Eclipse' necklace, her teal locks have stabbed us right in the heart! 

Head to the website to claim your guiding moon!

The Rogue + The Wolf +

Share your looks with us at #rogueandwolf


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