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Nail Envy

Posted on August 30 2016

 Need nail inspo? Look no further for the most witchy claws, magical talons and badass nails for whatever coven party or cult gathering you're heading to! 

This trippy holographic look will help you enchant any witch or wizard. @tashdollars rocks this bold look witch a 'Hecate' midi and cute diamond feature nails.
Shining bright in her glittery claws, @shleeemarie contrasts her silver perfectly with some of our #matteblacks!  
If you're looking for something to make a wicked statement, our girl from @crypticcosmetics is on-point with these 3-D matte black creations. Looking so killer next to her custom R+W design, 'Cryptic Cross'.
Rainbow unicorn claws from @annieolivia_ looking so magical with our 'Hunt', 'Chronos' and 'Affection' rings.
Another from this stunner now, @shleeemarie, pulling out all the stops with this polished regal look and our 'Occult' midi. The queen of gothic elegance!  
Enjoyed our stunning witch doll's nails? See more and add your own at #rogueandwolf, or check out our Insta! Have fun creating your mini masterpieces, stay magical x Hannah x


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