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💛 Are you a Spring Witch? Get your Spring fix! 💛

Posted on April 10 2017

Protect your witchy fingers from a roses thorn with 'Rune' in old steel. Our steel collections are perfect for makin' a spring statement with their delicate stones + intricate details. 

Then head to the website n' adorn your fingers with lavender gemstones, whispers from old gods and let them shimmer in the spring light.  


If your a badass goth gal n' don't want to part with all black ery'thing then be bold with black jewels! 'Occult' n' 'Hunt' rings give any outfit a powerful pop.


Don't forget to share your pics with us at #rogueandwolf

 ❤️ Much Love ❤️ Lexi ❤️ 



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