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Cryptic Claws at HQ!

Posted on March 16 2017

The past few months at HQ we have been blessed by the goth gods in the form of mystical claws, hand crafted by the talented ladies at @dippycownails and
@perfect_10_au. They have pimped up our hand game and made us the ultimate high priestesses when it comes to nails.

Dippy Cow Nails


These blood red death claws where the perfect match for valentines day n' our date with the devil. 


Mystical moon nails went awesome with our more minimal rings like 'Chase' n' 'Affection'. You guys went crazy for them!

My personal fave where these grungy claws. Just in time for the launch of 'White Witch | Black Snake'. We even got a lil' claw to match the 'Spidersilk' midi ring. 

Perfect 10

We where spoiled rotten by this wonderful lady and these are a few out of the sets she sent us that fit our coven perfectly! I guess that's why she's called perfect 10 haha. 


These two beautiful sets made for a mystical contrast between a Black Witch and a White Witch. We loved the little spider gem. 

Now for these marble beauties, awesome for pulling the souls from our enemies and storing them in the bleeding heart claw.

Don't forget to share your devilish claws with us at #rogueandwolf
❤️ Much Love ❤️ Lexi ❤️ 


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