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Claw Envy

Posted on February 05 2016

Casting of a spell isn't the same without a fresh set of perfectly polished claws ready to cause some gruesome magic. Easy said than done though right, forever getting stuck of what to do next and going for the same old polish, always black aha! Well, for this weeks Envy we thought we would take it back and dish out a little touch of much needed inspo. So you can take your basic nails into "Don't mess with me" claws.

We can't totally miss out black, as it is after all the best colour. Kicking it off with a dark base and a contrasting white, full of witchy symbols galore. Either pick out some stickers or if you are super arty, give it a go yourself. Draw on some epic shapes, the list is endless with this one especially for those who love to stand out. Nothing looks more enchanting than the match of Rogue + Wolf rings and dark eerie claws. 

 Get a load of this one witches! Suppose we gotta add a little to colour to something, but we are defo not taking down the dark tone on this envy. Working Old Steel midis, the Occult and Rune to add class and a whole lotta sass. Keeping in touch with the Goth Gods and makin' em proud, with this sweet butterfly inspired art turned into a badass creation. These claws could be spiced up and changed with a simply different bass colour if you're wanting that even edgier and dark vibe. 

It's all about the details and being the boss with blacks, greys and intricate detes, our envy is bubbling up. @nikiskinoir is the queen of claws with no sight of flaws. Slippin' on the Occult and Priestess midis and the Rune to match. Wanna tone this down or vamp it up? Let us know how you would style these nails loves, we need more ideas! 

We hope this edition of Envy is set to leave you with cauldron's full of inspo. We can't wait to see what spells you're going to make! Have a wicked weekend cult and stay witchy. Love Laura :) 


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