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Witches of the Week!

Posted on September 23 2015

Oh my goth! It's officially Autumn! Dark mornings and even darker nights, it's great!
Let's get to why you're here, to see if you have you been featured this week! Scroll down and check it out! :) 

A witchy hand holding mystical treasures, just what we love to see. The 'Rule' and 'Rebel' in 'Matte Black' and the 'Rune' midi in 'Old Steel', adding extra powers to that coven ready look. Wicked snap from @liquidnight.


OMG! This has to be the cutest little duo going! @teen_from_venus rockin' her 'Matte Black' 'Hunt' ring along with the cutest Chinchilla. Every witch needs their spirit animal! 


Ahhh. Our favourite colour! Black, black, black. @moonchild_77 showing off her witchy side with all things black! The 'Betray' and 'Rune' ring along with the two midis 'Priestess' and 'Occult'. Last but definitely not least, the 'Eclipse' necklace to complete her total badass look! 


Wickedly embracing witch princess in her 'Old Steel' gems. The 'Eclipse' necklace and the 'Rune' ring making an elegant look ready to rock out! Magical look from @wicked.ginger 

The utter witchy goddess. @scarlett_lady_13 looking freakin' awesome in a whole load of Rogue + Wolf. All in 'Matte black' of course! So, from the top is the... 'Bison Skull and Bones', 'Rune', 'Occult', 'Hunt', and 'Rebel' rings... And breath. 

It's super tough choosing between all of your magical pics! Make sure you keep em' coming in so you can be featured here next week! 

Don't forget... Tomorrow, LUNAE | AW15 launches!! You don't want to miss it! :D <3



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