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Love Models: Morgana

Posted on June 17 2014

We are so excited and proud to be featuring Morgana aka 'Threnody In Velvet'  (and her epic-cool man)!
We'll let you get to know her more by reading below, she shares with us who she is, what's her style, her likes and her sins... but for us Morgana is definitely not your usual lingerie & fashion model. She's so much more than that...for us, she is the definition of fantasy, of milky skin and ruby lips, of veils n corsets, a timeless dark beauty. She's the mystery itself, with piercing eyes and deadly looks that have disarmed us from day one. She also is one of the kindest, sweetest souls we've come across! Now read and be mindful, her photos are not for the've been warned! ;)

Name: Morgana
Morgana steel2

Age: 32

Location: Ipswich U.K. Who is Threnody In Velvet: Threnody in Velvet is the name of my modelling website, I specialise mainly in Corsetry, latex and vintage lingerie photoshoots for great designers, now also a very proud supporter of the stunning Rogue and wolf jewellery! <3 Describe your style: Dark, dangerous and sexy.
How do you rock your #Rogueandwolf in your style and outfits, style tips?: I am hardly seen with anything but shades of black, drapey, figure hugging dresses and shiny leggings. I love mixing textures, and I love harnesses. Rogue and wolf jewellery always looks amazing with it all, I adore taxidermy so it was fate I got to find your work!

Favourite Sin: I am pretty sure I cover almost all of them on a daily basis! except of envy, I don't really care what others have so much, but what I achieve by myself. Everything else is very much applicable! haha.

If corsets were illegal?: Rules are made to be broken, aren't they? I know it wouldn't stop me wearing and collecting them, I guess it would be a shame I couldn't share the images then all over the place :) so it would have to be a black market!!
Morgana Gold 02 1000px

Current Crush: My boyfriend Darren (pictured) <3 
(Don't they look like the best fitting couple?! We love them! And check out Darren's awesome Band: Eastern Front!)
Morgana -us

Best style advice: Save money to buy pieces you really love and wear them more. I spent the most on my jacket, shoes, bag and harnesses, as its what you wear on a daily basis, the rest of the clothes will look a million dollars because the key pieces are always there.
morgana new2

Music: Metal! black metal, gothic, doom, avant-garde, medieval folk...
Morgana gold1
Plans for 2024: I wish I knew what I was doing next week... well hopefully by then I have a much fancier photo studio and home since I am not sure I will be modelling anymore at 42... I will put all my artistic efforts into photography. I don't know where, who knows, what the future will bring. I might end up somewhere like Japan... :)

Stalk Morgana here:
Darren: Eastern Front

Ail pieces modelled by Morgana are available here:

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