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Style Envy

Posted on May 27 2016

We caught a glimpse of these witch-dolls kicking in their #rogueandwolf and freshest kicks when we found ourselves in total envy of their killer style. Here's how these girls slay it in our gear.

Olivia Emily is sporting a total sweet punk-rock look in some super gorgeous Alexander McQueen booties over frilly lil socks. We just love the contrast of girly and badass cause why the heck not? Rips, lace, leather and florals look pretty ace on Olivia if you ask us. She's adding a touch of magic with our 'Ring of Euphoria' to complete her look.

Viola is dressed in head-to-toe awesomeness, which we just can't get enough of. Her bomb trainers look like the comfiest shit ever, as does her killer two piece. What's better than completing this look with one of our new cuffs, the 'Rune of Guidance' and some Matte Blacks?!

This post wouldn't be complete until we featured some classic creepers, which Kimi Peri is styling hellishly above! We're in serious love of styling fishnet tights under ripped jeans, add some of your go-to R+W black rings and you have yourself a badass witch!


Last up from this array of fierce witches is Lexi Martone, stomping around in some insane bat boots. She's no doubt creepin' it real from her witchin' claws, deadly finger gear to her thrillin' toes! We love how she's ready to defend herself at any moment whilst still able to get on with daily tasks haha, sneaky. :P

Who caught your attention first witch-dolls and which look would you prefer to be caught in? Make sure to tag #rogueandwolf on your insta pics so we can check out how you make the goth gods proud with your own style! Have a witchin' weekend, Sophie. ♥


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